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Buggy and Unreliable

I purchased a Bear Pro subscription after trying the app for free and reading the positive reviews of the more advanced features. The app worked as expected for a brief period of time, but stopped syncing between my Mac and iPhone a few weeks ago. I emailed tech support, which directed me to a self-help FAQ and asked me to attach device logs. I did, and their team was fairly quick to respond with the prognosis that I had "accidentally removed the files from the iCloud Drive which are required to sync the notes between the devices.” Now this seemed strange considering that I had not removed any files from my iCloud, but I followed direction nonetheless. The result: The app began synching again, but deleted all of my notes. Everything. Gone. This was frustrating, but luckily I had saved the most important information to my iPhone’s Notes app (which, simple as is it is, has never failed me…), so I decided to grin and Bear it for another test run. That was, however, until this morning when the app once again stopped synching between my devices. Bear, while decently-designed, is too unreliable for me to trust. Deleting the app and cancelling my Pro subscription. Use caution and back up your work elsewhere if you value your notes, etc.

Need solution for ******formatting******

I'm a Bear Pro subscriber and generally like the app. Sadly, not being able to copy&paste anything from Bear without buggy formatting is becoming a show-stopper. 1) Bolding and unbolding in Bear keeps adding ****************** 2) Pasting notes into browser/email/text editor results in garbage formatting. I know some of these quirks are markdown’s, but Bear has resolved it elegantly for Headings. I have switch back to Evernote if some sort of solution for this doesn't appear soon. On the ShinyFrog forum, a dev said he was looking into resolving this 3 years ago :’(

Almost Perfect Looking Forward to More!

I have been looking for a great note taking app for ages and have tried many options including. None of them quite worked how I wanted with the right combination of robust features and clean minimalist design to avoid unnecessary distractions. Bear gets the balance just perfect. Using tags for organization is a brilliant method, and I love being able to store files in notes so everything is in one place. Markup for text formatting lets me keep my hands on the keyboard and away from the mouse. Finally Bear does beautiful and reliable exports to MS word and PDF (among others) letting remove the extra step of final editing in those apps.

Nice notes app. Missing basic automation.

I like using Bear, but it it missing even a rudimentary AppleScript dictionary, so it's not an acceptable part of my permanent toolkit. Even Evernote has an AppleScript dictionary. Here's a sample workflow that's impossible to script with Bear because it's impossible to script with Bear at all: - Create a new project in Things or OmniFocus - Press a keyboard shortcut to create a new note in Bear that links back to that project - Create a link in that project to the new Bear note. - Return the todo app to the foreground. You could write a similar script to embed links to emails, files, the page you're browsing in Safari, etc. The Bear team may get around to implementing that via a Service or some other feature, but a decent scripting dictionary would make it possible for anyone who wanted to do it themselves right now. Why would you want that? Because Bear's an outstanding note-taking tool, but it's not great for managing a list of things to do. Scripting makes it possible to link excellent single-purpose apps together with simple automation that allows each app to excel at what it does. The worst part of most newcomer Mac apps has been the poor or nonexistent scripting support. Bear is continuing in that tradition.

Perfect note taking app

This is everthing I liked about OneNote but without the clutter and with superior organization. In OneNote I often had multiple notebooks and multiple pages where an idea would fit. Instead of struggling with that question, I can just tag the note and then find it via multiple ‘views’. The thing that pushed me to finally write a review was when I realized I wish I had nested a tag under a higher-level concept. I thought I would have to go and manually edit the tags on each page. Instead, I was able to ‘rename’ the tag, add a prefix and all the places that tag was used were changed to #parent tag/old tag. Then the new category immediately moved to the appropriate place. Awesome!

Drag a tag?

I like everything about Bear, which has completely assigned the increasingly clunky Evernote to unused status. I use Bear mainly as a catch-all for notes, thoughts and screengrabs, where it works especially well as a simple image converter: paste the screengrab into a Bear note, click ``Save As’’ and rename it with a jpg extension. Done. One feature that would make it just about perfect for my purposes would be to make tags available from a right-click on the note file itself or to be able to drag from the list of tags in the left panel. I am that lazy.

Is it too much to ask for an update?

Do they ever update this app? It’s really great to use, and has allot of great featues. I’m not asking for additional features, but it would be nice to clean out some of the bugs in the current version.

Finally a Good App for Notes

Bear has done the trick. I have tried many apps looking for a simple program with useful options that don’t distract from note taking. Font, font size, line height, line width, paragraph spacing, exporting and the notes are synced on all my devices. Bear makes taking notes fun and simple.

It’s great!

It’s the best note taking app I have ever used. I never liked the look of Evernote and when I discovered Bear I felt so happy! Everyone should at least give it a try

Needs ability to hide markdown characters

I’ve been a Pro user for the past 11 months. Overall, I’ve been very happy with Bear, but I’ve grown weary of having to view markdown characters in my notes. It is distracting and I should be able to toggle thier visibility. I’ve used another markdown app that does a beautiful job of hiding the markdown characters and the difference is night and day. Unfortunatly, that app doesn’t support iOS, so it is too limitied for my purposes. I probably won’t renew my pro subscription until the developers figure out a way to hide the markdown from view in reading mode (I don’t mind seeing it in edit mode).

I do not say this lightly.

This is one of the greatest applications I have ever used. As a developer, I love the speed, simplicity, and elegance of markdown. Everything that I write - documentation, blog posts, code reviews - is in markdown. The rich text rendering of markdown syntax is, quite frankly, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Thank you so much for creating, developing, and supporting this application!

Good, but I dont’ want to pay forever

I like Bear. It feels modern and handles formatting much better that Apple’s Notes app, which is my top requirement. But it fails to meet my second requirement—a non-subscription payment model. Let me buy Bear once, no strings attached, and I’ll gladly pay more andreturn to upgrade when there are worthy improvements. But don’t force me to pay forever just to use your software. Since iCloud is built in to my computer and devices, I should be able to sync for free after buying the software…without paying $15/year forever. Next I’ll have to pay someone an annual fee just to sit on the furniture I buy, or the clothing I wear. Companies are bleeding us dry with all these required subscriptions that bring little future value.

No android version

I am giving only 2 stars because you only provide ios version. no android version, very frustrating I’m gonna have to uninstall it since I won’t be able to use on my android device. but to be fair the app is great. that is my major issue.

Great but Missing a Key Element

This app is a really fantastic note-taking app and has certainly replaced Notes for me. They just "get it" when it comes to design as well as UX of making things easy to write out quickly. However there is one huge caveat that I just cannot stand and that's the fact that this app doesn't sync with an Apple ID. Instead it syncs in a strange fashion via iCloud so in order for me to use Bear on my work laptop as well as my home laptop, iPhone and iPad I have to logout of iCloud on my work machine and work iCloud account, login into the account that I purchased Bear with, sync, logout and then log back into my work account to continue. This is just absurd and I'm not sure why this method was chosen when so many other apps have figured out syncing amongst machines via the Apple ID. I really wish this would get fixed because if a competitor comes along just as good I'd be inclined to switch and no longer re-up my pro account for this pain alone. ps - Any chance we can get that sweet Material Theme that developers love so much (or a make-your-own)?

A fantastic replacement for my old note taking app.

The simplicity of the interface is really nice. It does just what it needs to do for me. Doesn’t matter if i’m taking notes on a project or want to include a code snippet, it's simple and fast. The sync across all of my devices with the Pro version is worth the $16/year for me. If there was a saved search feature, it would be 5-stars. I used Evernote for several years to keep track of things; had a pretty decent saved search system in place to check on projects and todo’s. That being said, i didn’t use Evernote enough to justify their cost of a premium subscription, but I also needed to access my notes across multiple devices. The migration process was painless, other than a few tags to clean up.


This application is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Probably one of my favorite apps for both my Mac and iPhone/iPad.

Bear is great

Really simple, works well. I would like to ask if there is any way to get rid of all the formatting surrounding the text when you bold or create a heading. I understand some people might utilize it, but it just makes things cumbersone to me. Either way, very useful for my purposes.

Great App

Let’s be clear, the one-star reviews are bogus. This is a beautiful app that works really well.

Utterly changed the way I work

Ignore the negative ratings: This is the most flexible, elegant tool I have ever found for organizing my thinking and writing. It combines the best of distraction-free writing tools like iA Writer with the organizational recall of Evernote—but without the bloat! Nested tags give you the ability to outline and cross-reference in whatever way makes the most sense for how your brain works. And contrary to some of the negative opinons, the transparency of Markdown is the real design coup here. There's no more efficient way to create hierarchies of ideas that you can also totally customize for how you work. User experience is equally fantastic on mobile and desktop. Truly the best outboard brain plus writing tool you could possibly buy.

Most Transformative App

I have been using Evernote heavily since 2009. In recent years, as it has become incrementally more bloated and more expensive, I’ve been looking for a replacement, but everything I found was missing some particular feature that I needed. Bear, while much simpler, and ostensibly less powerful, does absolutely everything I REALLY need for organization, writing, business tracking, and creative thought. It does it in a visually beautiful way, with a markup language that really makes the tool fade into subconscious and lets me record thoughts without distraction of too many buttons and gimmicks. Tagging, note linking, formatting, and organization are completely intuitive. The cost is far less than Evernote Premium, and there are not restrictions with using on all of my Apple devices. I hope they can implement note sharing without messing with their formula, and I hope they expand to other platforms so I can share with friends, coworkers, and family, but if it stays just as it is today, Bear will continue to be the foundational piece of my workflow and creative and business processes.

Perfect macOS/iOS Notes App

Bear is a well designed, clean app that works great across macOS and iOS. The subscription is only $15 per year, and now I can sync between my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad. The themes are awesome! I love darker themes as they are easier on my eyes, and Bear has seven dark themes from which to choose. If you are a programmer/coder, Bear supports formatting text as code or code blocks. Even better, for code blocks, Bear supports syntax highlighting for 20 different languages. Note organization is simple and highly customizable via hashtags, and you can also export notes to different formats, such as HTML, PDF, or MD. There are additional features, but the above have been the most helpful in my workflow. I highly recommend this app and wish I had discovered it sooner.


Wanted to get a little more note-taking flexibility than my Apple Notes app, so I tried Bear. I’m a college student who takes a lot of notes, and having the many useful keyboard shortcuts that Bear has made it incredibly fluid to type quickly and accurately. The hashtag folder idea is genius, especially when you’re able to create sub-folders beneath bigger categories - perfect for various subjects and classes. After less than a week of using Bear for free, I spent the measly $15 a year to get Pro, which syncs up with my iPhone just as good as any in-house Apple built app. Love the themes, layout, and general clean feeling of the app, and I couldn’t be happier with my Pro purchase. Cheers!

Default autocorrect behavior is user-unfriendly

There’s absolutely no reason for your app to contain its own custom written layer of keyboard autocorrect, which I already disabled in System Preferences. Respect the OS settings.

Please remove formatting code!

I love writing in Bear.. but I want to use it to write weekly blog posts for my business. I need to copy and paste my posts from Bear to LinkedIn and other sites but just can’t do that with the formatting there. It would take me forever to reformat. I would happily upgrade if you added the option to remove the visible markdown symbols, as they ruin the end product and are distracting.

Excellent simple writing app

Great simple app!. I have no complaints except we need an option to move the text to the center, left or right. Good job!

Amazing minimalistic and beautiful

People who are leaving negative reviews don’t get the point. This is a minimalist, markup style, note taking app. It doesn’t do fancy drawings, or multi-person editing or sharing (though that would be nice). It’s not Onenote with all its folders and all its subsections and web clippings. It is a quick, beautiful, markup note app for minamilst writing and focusing. Keep up the great work Bear!

please add ability to hide formating code

I would love this app if they only allowed for the ability to hide the formatting code. This seems to be a feature that many have requested & that the developer has been promising since day one.


I love being able to write notes that look pretty and include hashtags in order to organize all of them in different ways. I like the appearance and simplicity of the app but would appreciate if they could add in the ability to change picture sizes that I’ve inserted, insert tables, and colored font. Other than that, I love it and highly recommend.

No import for Notes is a killer for this app

Still looking for a better notes app after discoving that my 8 GB of Notes cannot be imported into Bear. That’s an amazing discovery someone might wanna know before going Bear-Pro.

Why force formating tags?

The app says “you can write your way” when you can’t. I appears that it forces ugly formating tags on you. Why do I want to see *with all my bold text* and why in God’s name did they not make that an option to remove? I’m really glad I didn’t pay for this service, it was really close to being awesome

Okay App - Nothing Special

I have used Outline like OneNote, which has better note integration and can create links/tags, like this app does. However, even for general notes, Apple Notes still has a lot of nice features. I have used Evernote before, though the cost drove me away from that. This app is $15/year, not bad, but I can’t see myself using this app, with Apple Notes synching across all my devices, as well as Outline.

It’s OK.

Pretty lame that you have to pay monthly just to sync from one device to the next. When so many other apps are free with FREE sync. The app is also lame because, there is no spell check available. Not only that, you get one free customized background. Not two or three. one lame white standard background. The app is not worth paying for monthly when there are so much more free note taking apps that comes with much more.

Bear Review

# Bear Review ### Favorite Aspects of Bear * Beautiful design * Nice themes to choose from * Clever new way to use hash tags to create "virtual folders" * Fun to use * Built in trash can! Love when note apps include this! * Note linking! * Inline image attachments * Smart checkboxes -- shows completed status in list view * File attachments * iOS and Mac App sync via iCloud * Watch app * Reasonable pricing model ### Ideas for Enhancement * Have option to sort notes by creation date, in addition to modification date (which is the default now). (DONE) * Show original creation date in the info panel, in addition to modification date. (DONE) * More themes with lighter colors for day use (I.e. pastels) and/or ability for user to create their own theme * Multi-level tags (currently the limit seems to be two levels - parent/child) (DONE) * Built in calendar view. Useful for journaling, where you can see a calendar view of entries per tag or all notes that were created/entered on a particular day. * Be able to Change Creation Date/ (or create a new field for user Entry/Added date) for back-dating notes, essential for Journaling use. * "Time machine" for restoring a previous version of a note. (Like SimpleNote.) * Note archive feature would be cool, like Google Keep. * Typewriter mode * Hash tag autocomplete (DONE) * Back button and keyboard shortcut (useful for going back to a previous note after clicking on an internal note link or tag) * Note templates * Merge two or more notes into single note (DONE) * Command click on highlighted text (in mac version) and create a new linked note ### Summary: I think Bear is a great app with a bright future and amazing potential to be one of the best note apps of all time. That is from someone who's explored countless note and productivity apps since the early OS X days. May it flourish. --- #app/reviews

Well designed interface, except

Canceled my Day One subscription moving to Bear bought the subscription, working on my Mac and iPad pro 10.5 and was very dissappointed that I can see several things missing that are important when I write. One is preview mode, no where to be found other than on the Mac and I have to buy another app to preview called Marked 2, what the heck. Two is no focus or typewriter mode, seriously???? Heck Byword and iA Writer have these features, so here I am canceling my subscription and moving back to iA Writer until there is an update in the future.

So far So bad

I’m a Pro user for 1 year. But the Sync is really slow or seems like it doesn’t work. I really like this app though. If this Sync problem is not fixed, I will not use this app anymore.

Bear’s “pro” is its “con"

Bear is clean. Bear looks amazing. Bear makes me want to write more. Bear is a pleasant user experience. All of that makes Bear stand out head and shoulders over anything else that I’ve used. But the simplicity of Bear is often its con. Bear doesn’t allow template exports, so you are stuck with just one look. Bear can’t change font size on print, so you can’t print anything larger for public reading without exporting it to some other format that doesn’t look as good as Bear (which is one reason you love Bear). The simplicity and cleaness of Bear is amazing. But sometimes that hurts it.

Bear is the Swiss army knife of writing and note taking apps.

I downloaded this app but didn’t use it for quite a few months. Then recently, I say the light. Bear is the Swiss army knife of writing and note taking apps. And it’s beautiful to boot.


I have been using Day One since 2012 and have found it to be very useful. Bear on the other hand is quite nice in itself. There are many customizations that can be done with Bear that are quite useful. I find myself going to the Bear more and more. Still have some tweeking to do before it gets a 5 star but is a very nice application. The fact that Day One charges $35 and Bear $15 is another reason to like it. Try it for awhile and see what you think. I keep both at the moment.

Cumbersome, hard to use, and I was double-charged

I’m giving it two stars because the one-star reviews seem to upset Bear’s fans, but I found it unusable. Like many here, I find Evernote’s attempts to do everything cumbersome and unnecessary. I was hoping for a easy-to-use alternative. Unfortunately I have a lot of notes in Evernote, and conversion without tags was a huge challenge. It also used my iCloud storage, which Evernote did not, a move which would have become costly. I found the interface un-intuitive. I also accidentally enrolled in both monthly and yearly Pro membership, which it allowed me to do. It then went ahead and double-charged me for several months. I didn’t find the error until I ended the subscription. If you like it, enjoy it, but don’t waste everyone’s time by flaming me for having a different experience. I’ve seen a fair amount of that here. Thanks.

Amazing App

Switched over from Evernote, and it’s been a perfect fit. I’m not anti-Evernote. I think it’s a great app, but it just didn’t feed my needs. For me, Evernote was like using a chainsaw to cut paper. It tried to do too much. Evernote is a giant RV and Bear is a VW camper van (without the mechanical issues). PROS: lightweight, simple, clean, flexible, perfect for Markdown users, tagging allows for super easy and simple organization (and a folder-style hierarchy), doubled with the iPhone app it’s a perfect desktop/mobile combo. Love the text-editor style themes. CONS: I’d like to be able to bulk export ALL of my text files, not as one bear-formatted export, but as a group of individual raw text files. Other than that, I can’t think of anywhwere this app falls short for me.

Ignore the haters - Bear is great

I’m one of those people who is never satisfied and is always trying new apps in search of perfection. I’ve tried just about every todo manager there is, and the same thing with notes. I have digitizing pens, Evernote moleskins gathering dust, and several annual subscriptions languishing, but I keep coming back to two apps: Bear and Quiver. I prefer the simplicity of Bear, but Quiver also supports MathJax so for anything with math it still wins. But Bear is now my journal and general note taking app and it just works. The nested tags are great. It’s uncluttered and clean. Synching just works. And the price is very fair. This is a great app.


I have used bear for the entirety of the semester. Throughout that time, it crashed at least two or three times. On each crash, it deleted EVERY. SINGLE. NOTE. I had made. Extremely infuriating come finals time and led to much unwanted stress. Be sure to back up your notes, but make sure you do it every day, because this app has no save capability outside of that. You are entirely responsible to back up your notes every single time you use it, which to me, seems like it should be an easy fix in 2017. I am extremely disappointed, considering how well-structured the application is. Now, here I go to take a final, without my notes.

Bear is perfect.

Version 1.4 Dismissing the year with a full update of Bear was just and necessary. In this occasion to write automatically in code, labels and notes. It works in a simple way ... it works. In addition, labels such as "home" or "trips" have a custom icon. The auto-complete function for the notes is great and fast. The themes DuoTone light and Snow are beautiful but * Dieci * marks a new page on the iPhone X (and on the iPad). I would like to see it soon in macOS. The range of functions for the Apple Watch can be used in general and even if you do not use Bear in the Watch if the inclusion of more is appreciated because it is about accounts this is about offering more options for the enjoyment of users. The point here as always is to highlight and highlight the wonderful management that leads to their backs. Bear. I keep my opinion about Bear: it's perfect. 🐻 Version 1.3.1 I keep my vision about Bear, his team does a great job of developing a perfect application to the macOS and iOS system. You are upgrading compatibility with High Sierra macros and some bug fixes. However, what is more important still remains: it is an application that redesigns the way you write and at the same time offers an abysmal quality. Two important things: * The Premium version is required for 14.99 per year to get the most out of it. * I'm sure the future of Bear will continue to rise and add new features that further enhance the real experience. Below you can read my previous reviews. 👇🏻 Version 1.2.4 Since I use There is something that I love: after a important update always comes a new update to polish any errors that inform users and that they detect. Just great. Good job. Below I leave my reviews in the length of each update. Greetings. ************ Version 1.2.2 It is already known from my previous review that Bear is one of those applications that falls in love with the care and care with which they are developed. On this occasion I want to comment on the new update. 1. It is really useful to be able to highlight the text at any point in your note. 2. In the Mac version you can already get several windows. An example: you need to do something in two different notes, now it is possible. 3. It's even easier to remove a label from any note. Simple and perfect. 4. I love the option to put @Today or @Yesterday and get a specific result of those notes that have been created or edited today or yesterday. Great. 5. Compare via Airdrop, easy and work. Very good. Every month the watch team arrives with details that make their application more robust, perfect and always conserving the essence. Its essence is to have in the same Pack simplicity and depth. It depends on each one up to where you arrive with the functions and options of Bear. As always: remember that this application requires a subscription for $ 14.99 per year and I assure you that it is worth it. ********** Version 1.2.1 I insist. The perfection of Bear resides in the practice that is, fluid, useful and perfect. Previous review ... Bear is perfect. Taking the time to write a review of Bear is something important and necessary. Here are 5 reasons to give it a try. 1. Works fluidly on both MacOS and iOS. It looks like a native application. 2. It is intuitive, simple and profound. 3. It fits you. The organization is by. 4. The note finder includes the text inside the notes, which is a big point in your favor. 5. Bear continues to develop. Each month adds new and more interesting functions goes through the love that is perceived in the application program. I must tell you that they have a paid subscription of $ 15 dollars a year but the investment rewards you in what you get. 100% r recommended...

Ignore Negative Reviews

As an academic I have always taking notes, writing manuscripts, designing presentations and jotting down thoughts. I use SimpleNote, Ulysses, IAWriter, Quiver, Snippet Lab, Evernote and other related apps. Bear just keeps getting better. The develops add new features at a regular rate and give me even more reasons to use Bear before the other options I have avalible to me. The companion app on iOS comes in handy if I want to access my notes or thoughts, or just rewrite a paragraph or two of a manuscript on while waiting for an appointment. Bear is worth the subscription.

It’s a note app, and its absolutely amazing!

Ill start by saying that I have been using Bear off-and-on since it was in beta and keep coming back (i’m a tinkerer, so I do this with almost all apps) because it is just so great at being a NOTE taking app. You can copy out as almost any format and import in markdown is absolutley amazing! Would I write a dissertaion in it? Probably not, but I would keep all my reference notes in Bear for it. With that said, the rate of consistent upgrades and amazing feedback by the developers (both in their forumns and in Reddit) has been so great that I am moving full-time to Bear (something I haven’t done with a note taking app in years!) because I truley believe it is the best out there now, and love to see how active the deveopers are in responding to feedback and improving the app! Can’t wait to see whats ahead.

Gorgeous App

I don’t think I’ve ever written a Mac app review before, but I find the one-star reviews for this app so befuddling that I felt the need to chime in. Bear is my absolute favorite text editor. It’s beautiful, clean, and charming. I have personally never had a sync issue, and I use it on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Watch. It’s also been updated quickly to take advantage of new hardware features. I’ve never used Evernote for what it’s worth. Though I have used several markdown editors, and Bear is definitely my favorite. As for notebooks, Bear just uses a different organizational metaphor. Instead of putting one thing in one notebook, you add tags to the document. These tags can be chained together which creates a nested hierarchy in the tag panel. This way you can assign a document to multiple tags if you want. So a work note can be tagged #Company/Project and #Year/Month and #Subject. For me this makes it SO easy to find what I’m looking for in many different contexts. It may not work for everyone, but I suggest giving it a chance if you find the rest of the app appealing.

Good App

Was super excited about the prospect of Bear and its ability to grow into the perfect writing app. However the developers are leaving the app as borderline abandonware. Here are some key problems with Bear that you should be aware of before purchasing the premium subscription: Importing into the app is a BEAR. You can’t import into a specific tag, can’t drag and drop either. So if you have hundreds of notes youre trying to import you’ll have to do it tediously. They need to add the option of creating a tag before you have a note that actually has one, as well. That way you can create new notes directly into that new tag. Typewriter and Focus Mode - ABSENT. These are essential for focused writing. Bear claims itself as a Pro app for Prose. It’s not. While it handles Markdown and Rich Text in a fusion I haven’t seen executed as well in any other app, it’s lack of focused support is inexcusable. Export options. Want to export to Wordpress? Can’t. The developers created a great platform that remains stagnant despite a monthly fee. It’s a shame too because it had such promise. They consntatly promise new builds and features but I’ve had the app for quite some time now and have seen little improvement. Look elsewhere if you want a serious writing tool. For the record, I did pay for the yearly pro subscription. I’ll give it this too - so far as yearly rent-ware is concerned, its a fair price. Still, I wish they’d let this Bear grow!

Completely non-functional for me

Can’t import notes, can’t create new notes. The only part that seems to work is the search box, but since I can’t create any notes … kind of useless. Tried every menu option (although most are unavailable) and clicked every part of the window. App description sounds like it could be nice.


I’ve tried just about every writing/note taking tool out there, for example Evernote, Ulysses, Write, Simplenote, Editorial, etc. For work, Ulysses is easily the best writing app. For everything else, I stuck with Evernote. But, I never really bonded with it. Bear, on the other hand, bonding was instant. It’s a simple, but effective and efficient way to take notes, write outlines, grab links, and so on.

Apple Watch Problem

I have Bear App in every single apple artifact that i own. On my Apple Watch, I have a huge problem which I don’t know how to fix. Everytime I press the mic in my Apple Watch it comes out in Spanish. Uninstall, on every single artifact, check the dictation, the language everything possible, and nothing. I don’t want to uninstall the app, because I simple love it but I don’t know what to do anymore. Please if someone has the same problem and found the solution, please let me know. Thank you!

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