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All software should be built this well

I used Evernote for years until it became a bloated, unusable mess and only seemed to get worse, not better. Bear is an unbelievable breath of fresh air. I manage my entire life on it and miss exactly 0 things from Evernote. To the Bear creators and developers, thank you so, so much for delightful, easy to use, and fast software that makes my life meaningfully better every day. Keep it up and never let Evernote-style bloat hamper your application. Thank you!!!!


Bear is my favoite App in the App store. The Bear way of doing things, but I fell in love with the Bear way of doing things. The organizational system is complete and robust. You can orangize in hashtag heirarchies—one reviewer mentions wanting to have different notebooks. I found this wasn’t necessary for me at all. Note taking is pretty much all I use it for. If you want a WYSIWYG word processor like Word you’re going to be disappointed. It does the one thing it’s meant to do remarkably well. If all you want to do is jot down a single note Bear might be overkill. But if you want quick, easy access to your thoughts in a structure you can generate quickly on the fly—or even go back and add later—then it’s a real powerhouse. It is an App that once you learn a few simple markups—which takes no time at all—just gets out of your way and allows you to take notes.

I never review things but…. I LOVE THIS APP

Bear makes everything cleaner, faster, and easier. Paste a link and it hyperlinks the title of the site, easily cross-reference multiple notes, and make as many tags as you want. Write in code, embed pictures, make lists with pre-programmed keyboard shortcuts. Bear has all the features you want with none of the BS. It is cost-effective and lean. It takes no time to learn with instant returns. I can’t tell you how much I love this app. It’s the note app I’ve always wanted. Thank you to the developers, y’all are amazing and I hope I can use all of your products.

Almost perfect, needs scanner

Excellent design, great interface, great sync. It has convinced me to switch from evernote, which i have used for a long time. 4 stars because i think it should include some kind of document scanner. great work !

Evernote feels lonely

Evernote was the notetaking app I used for the longest time. I tested this and Agenda app. I think they’re somewhat different. However, I really enjoyed using Bear. It’s easy to change the format of my text on the phone. I think I might like the iOS app more than the desktop. The syncing of notes is perfect. Also, it’s easy to categorize my notes by just typing in a tag or sorting notes with folders. I use my Bear app to write blog posts, create my meal plans, create my shopping lists, take notes in meetings. Once I found out I could change the color themes, I was pleasantly pleased! I can write better, longer when there’s a darker background vs white.

Quickly Became #1 App in my Workflow

- Bear's Intelligence and power are hidden in its simplicity - Complicated document manipulations are now easy with Bear - It gives me options to do what I want without following any opinionated ways

So upset - what happened??

This app used to be my central hub for writing, but as of 2 weeks ago, it’s completely gone wack. I have nothing else but a text screen, and I can’t see anything else but that. Not my old files, not my tags - nothing. Have no idea what could have happened, but um… I need it fixed. Someone please help?

Great App, Great Support

While the merits of the app can be found in the other reviews, I just wanted to write a quick word on the customer support, which is awesome. I had a syncing issue between the Mac and iOS versions (which was probably my own fault) and received a reply from their customer support within the day, fixing my issue. Glad to give my support to a company that’s eager to do the same!

Works the best with long notes that have lots of images

I tried Apple Notes but there is a random limit on images it can hold. Gave Evernote a shot too, but they have limits on the size of the note can be as well as how many folders and other controlling things. I also did not trust Evernote security and privacy because they need to be able to see inside the notes to OCR images. While OCRing images sounds nice I found it made searching harder in my journals because random stuff from images would show up. That and Evernote is so bloated and slow and would change folders and settings for some reason made me want to leave it. Then I gave Bear Notes a try and fell in love with it. It can handle my long notes and journals(10k to 20k words with about 50 images each note) with no issue and is far faster at loading then Apple Notes or Evernote. The only limit I could find for Bear Notes is a limit of 250mb for a single attachment, but just means it won’t sync which is fine by me. I didn’t know if I would like using tags but its no big deal and feel more free flowing and easier to just jump in and write. Its by far the best way to keep a journal and the yearly cost is very reasonable too! The only thing I wish it had is sharing like Apple Notes has but the fact that its lean is perfect and it should stay that way. And the Markdown is just perfect and better to use than the other options. I also love how they have many export features like HTML and TextBundle which helps to future proof my writings. The little things like how they do the export to HTML is the best, it keeps the margins and images scale down just like how it would look on Bear Notes unlike Evernote export to HTML created a mess of madness. Its a very well thought out app and recommend it to everyone who wants to write long notes with tons of images, or if they just want a simple program for notes. You can’t go wrong with it!

Simply the best

Effortless syncing and beautiful and useful markup all while keeping it minimal.

Easily the best notes app available

This app is incredible. It’s made me write so much more. I use Bear for so many things it’s incredible. I could go on forever, but here’s a short list of my favorite things about Bear: * It’s gorgeous and this makes me want to juse it. * It’s cross platform support is bar none the best I’ve seen. The iOS app is just as good as the Mac app and the iPad app. * Tags work well and are autocompleted. * Markdown support is THE best out of any notes app, including great support for todos, links, and images. * Bear allowing for floating windows, which are critical to having a great writing workflow. * Search is blazing fast. * Excellent keyboard shortcuts. * 100% bug free since I’ve started using it well over a year ago (2 years now I think). * Many more! If Bear shut down, I’d offer to buy it from them. Like, the whole business. I can’t live without this incredible app. Thanks Shiny Frog! You all rock.


Recently I installed bear and so far it is good. But I believe it needs more features. First, I noticed that I could't able to change texts color, and secondly it would be great if we can creat different notebooks because it will help me to organize my notes better.


Can’t even import a clipping with any success.

I always come back to Bear

For pure writing, Bear is fantastic. It’s fast, so it’s easy get ideas down when I’m on the go. The use of tags makes it easy to interconnect ideas and notes withouth having to worry about digging though folder structures like other apps (Ulyssees, iWriter). Bear is also beautiful and synchs quickly and flawlessly between my iPhone, iPad Pro and MacBooks.



Almost There

This is a great app for note taking and the iOS sync is super fast. I love everything about this app except the optinionated organize-by-tag feature. I much prefer folders for individual projects so that my other notes get out of the way. Manual reordering would be nice as well. That said, this app has great potential so I’ll support it as long as I’m able to.

Was nice, no longer syncing with Mac OS

No longer syncing, and not into digging for file logs to send. Back to stock note app I concur.

Don’t Waste Your Money-The Programmers Are Lazy

I see hundreds of complaints about it not syncing between iCloud devices. What it needs, and they know it, is a “sync now” button. Kind of a no-brainer. But rather than put one in, like all my cross platform apps have, they just write you and tell you to send them your logs. How lazy are they? I’m not their tester. There are far better products than this. Especially if you need Bear Pro. It just doesn’t sync. All my other apps have them. These programmers are just dumb and lazy as F***

Excellent, excellent, excellent

It’s fast, and it has a great mix of features. The way that tags and subtags work and appear on the sidebar is super useful. Sync is fast and reliable with Pro. No complaints or suggestions for improvement.

Best Note Taking App By ar

I've been looking for a simple, beautiful, but well organized note taking app. This is the one, without a doubt. Not only has it helped me to get the things I wanted done, but it also encouraged me to begin journaling, something I've been thinking about doing for years, but always found inconvenient. This app makes it enjoyable and easily organizable. Pay for it - these developers deserve your money.

Best app in a long time

I don’t write app reviews, but this app… This app is simply delightful and beautiful. Beyond looking incredibly elegant, IT JUST WORKS! It’s so, so hard to come across an app that requires no sign in, no hassle, very little learning, and just works beautifully. Great job guys! I wish I could make an app this well - I know because I try and come nowhere near this level of polish.

Indispensable Application

Like many other reviewers, I have used Evernote and Apple Notes for several years. However, as my note database became unwieldly large, I found myself in needs for note taking app that can synchronize instantenously and show search results quickly, even if it meant sacrificing some features. Bear is perfect for such needs, if you are invested in Apple-only environment. Synchronization among 2 Macs, iPhone, and iPad has been flawless and super-quick. This is my go-to place to jot down any daily decisions I make at work, takeaways from any meetings, and just a great depository for any information. However, if you prefer fancy notes with handwriting and many photos and audio or if you need cross-platform capability, this isn’t the right solution for you. However, if you need flawless and instantenous syncrhonization of notes across all Apple devices, this application is worty trying.

Would’ve kept using

if there was a one time fee but I can’t justify paying $15 every year for this. Switching to Agenda (at least they don’t charge to sync across devices)

Good app, except when it crashes and takes my system down

About once a week copying and pasting from this app to terminal freezes Bear, requiring a Force Quit. But every-now-and-then, it gives my system a big old bear hug, and I have to hold the power button to restart the machine. So other than it not being entirely stable… it’s great!

Liked it, but now useless

Like most users here, I’ve been looking for a writing app that can transform my expperience with notetaking, writing etc. I initially thought Bear would be “the app” that would change the way I write. I thought it would help me increase productivity & write more. Unfortunately, this app lacks so many features that it hinders your productivity in the long run. For instance, the app does not have a way to insert table of contents nor a way to break pages when exporting your notes into pdf. Notes are only readable when you read through the Bear app, and it looks quite horrendous when exported. I’ve purchased their pro version so I’m stuck with this app for a year, but I would recommend looking for a new writing app if you want a more full & useful application.

Despreately needing latex support

Have been using Bear Pro for over a year, and have been asking for latex support for over a year. Nothing happened yet. I guess it will never happen.

Great note taking app!

I take notes a lot at class. Bear was a life-changer! So tidy, so easy to use, and beautiful design! Of course this app is not perfect. It has a long way to go: tables, resizing images, full  pencil support for hand writing notes, and more. However, the developers are a great team and really hard working, as you can see on the official subreddit. Give it a try!

No Way to Hide Markdown

This app is fast and easy to open up and write. I like the themes. Price is good too. No complaints there. Definitely is a great app if you love writing in markdown and at the same time want something that’s fast and light weight. A couple of areas to consider before getting this app. #1) The markdown is always on and showing. Meaning if you *bold* text then it bolds the text and still shows the “*” around the word. Now for some people that might not be a problem, however, it gets annoying when I’m trying to write distractions free and I see a bunch of “*” and “-“ all over the place. Or worse yet when I use a headline and it shows “h1” next to the side or “h2” or “h3” and now the document is cluttered with markdown. I wish there was a way to bold things without showing the markdown text wrapping. If there was a way hide or or go distraction free without the markup cluttering the document and distracting me then I’d give this app a 4 or 5 stars. If I want to preview I need to buy “Marked”. I was orignally looking at this a quick editor and it does that, but I feel it’s missing a few things. If all you want is a quick editor that has markedown and you’re not distracted by the clutter of markdown then this definitely is your app. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite do it for me. I’ll use it beause I paid for it and it’s fast and easy, but it’s not my favorite app for writing. #2) Tagging. It’s fast but clutters up the document. You either put it at the top or the bottom.

Sync is unreliable.

I’ve been using Bear for a few months, and have loved it. The overall feel and layout are great, and I even imported all my Evernote notes to Bear and deleted Evernote. However…. Syncing between OSX and IOS is broken, and despite hours of troubleshooting, and opening tickets with Bear support..they can’t fix it. As background, I have been doing technical support of hardware and software since the 90’s, and I hit every forum, knowledgebase, and Youtube for fixes. I have done all due dilligence for support, and then some, to no end. Here’s steps I have taken (repeatedly) to fix the issue: - Backed up Bear data from Mac. - Turned off Bear data in iCloud on all devices. - Deleted all Bear notes, and emptied the trash. - Delete Bear from ALL devices (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad Pro). - Delete all Bear support files on all Macs. - Delete Bear data from all devices. - Restart all devices. - Install iPhone version of Bear, create test note, and then enable iCloud again. Bear reports it has synced. - Install Bear on MacBook, re-enable sync, and wait... IOS note appears. - Create test note on MacBook, and it synced to iPhone. I thought it was fixed…and I re-imported my backup. All notes eventually appeared to all devices..and I thought I was fixed…until I created a new note on each device. NOTHING SYNCED between OSX and IOS. OSX to OSX works. IOS to IOS sometimes works. However, OSX to IOS is broken. I cancellled my subscription, and am back to seeking an Evernote replacement. Perhaps I’ll revisit Bear later and reconsider…but for now it does not serve the main purpose I paid for…syncing between devices. To the developers: At bear minimum, create a ‘SYNC NOW’ button, so you can force a sync. As it is, it will say ‘Last Sync: Never’ for days, and there’s no way to make it do it without fighting it. I didn’t pay to fight the app, I paid to use it.

Great APP but….

Was looking for an app that would allow sketching on a desktop. Being exclusively a Cintiq / Wacom user, this would make me whole….

Nice app, but synch is broken

Bear relies on iCloud Drive for synch, which is a flawed approach from a user perspectives. Many businesses using JAMF and other tools to manage Mac policies disable iCloud Drive access and Bear is no longer able to sync from these devices. Evernote and Ulysses get the job done. Bear’s a nice UI but it’s a toy for multi-device users who work at large companies. It’s a shame their leadership doesn’t get the importance of synching by a multitude of approaches — direct similar to OmniFocus, via broadly accessible cloud services like Dropbox or Box. I’ve read their posts, and they’re welcome to their own vision, but their competition gets what their customers want. These folks don’t and their app fails as a result.

Bear is perfect.

Version 1.5.1 The first big update of 2018 for The Bear brings interesting and very useful things. 1. Now you can activate a special section to archive the notes. 👏🏻 2. The search. The search engine is faster and more accurate, it presents different options depending on the conversion date based on the keywords that are placed in the search engine. 👍🏻 3. There is the possibility of opening a window with all the tagcons to customize and review all the available ones. 👏🏻 4. On iPhone and iPad now with a gesture (down) you can activate the search bar. Great. 😆 5. They have included in the version of macOS the theme Dieci which is an exclusive version of the iPhone X but which in my opinion makes the screen look splendid, can focus on a serious and robust design and gives that real dark effect that both It does well to any interface. 6. We have a new theme and could define it as the counterpart of Dieci because it makes the whole sea white giving new options and possibilities in the function of the tastes of each one. Hey, I love it! I enjoy using all your space, functions and appreciation that the work makes developers to achieve something that is more valuable to me: the application works optimally. The level of performance is brutal and that (today) is appreciated and admired. I recommend this application for people who want to write with style, without distractions and have a special and careful application to the smallest detail. Below are my impressions about Bear in other versions (as of November 2016) and as I always mention the subscription is required in order to get the most out of this application. Again, thank you Bear team. 🐻😍 Version 1.4 Dismissing the year with a full update of Bear was just and necessary. In this occasion to write automatically in code, labels and notes. It works in a simple way ... it works. In addition, labels such as "home" or "trips" have a custom icon. The auto-complete function for the notes is great and fast. The themes DuoTone light and Snow are beautiful but * Dieci * marks a new page on the iPhone X (and on the iPad). I would like to see it soon in macOS. The range of functions for the Apple Watch can be used in general and even if you do not use Bear in the Watch if the inclusion of more is appreciated because it is about accounts this is about offering more options for the enjoyment of users. The point here as always is to highlight and highlight the wonderful management that leads to their backs. Bear. I keep my opinion about Bear: it's perfect. 🐻 Version 1.3.1 I keep my vision about Bear, his team does a great job of developing a perfect application to the macOS and iOS system. You are upgrading compatibility with High Sierra macros and some bug fixes. However, what is more important still remains: it is an application that redesigns the way you write and at the same time offers an abysmal quality. Two important things: * The Premium version is required for 14.99 per year to get the most out of it. * I'm sure the future of Bear will continue to rise and add new features that further enhance the real experience. Below you can read my previous reviews. 👇🏻 Version 1.2.4 Since I use There is something that I love: after a important update always comes a new update to polish any errors that inform users and that they detect. Just great. Good job. Below I leave my reviews in the length of each update. Greetings. ************ Version 1.2.2 It is already known from my previous review that Bear is one of those applications that falls in love with the care and care with which they are developed. On this occasion I want to comment on the new update. 1. It is really useful to be able to highlight the text at any point in your note. 2. In the Mac version you can already get several windows. An example: you need to do something in two different notes, now it is possible. 3. It's even easier to remove a label from any note. Simple and perfect. 4. I love the option to put @Today or @Yesterday and get a specific result of those notes that have been created or edited today or yesterday. Great. 5. Compare via Airdrop, easy and work. Very good. Every month the watch team arrives with details that make their application more robust, perfect and always conserving the essence. Its essence is to have in the same Pack simplicity and depth. It depends on each one up to where you arrive with the functions and options of Bear. As always: remember that this application requires a subscription for $ 14.99 per year and I assure you that it is worth it. ********** Version 1.2.1 I insist. The perfection of Bear resides in the practice that is, fluid, useful and perfect. Previous review ... Bear is perfect. Taking the time to write a review of Bear is something important and necessary. Here are 5 reasons to give it a try. 1. Works fluidly on both MacOS and iOS. It looks like a native application. 2. It is intuitive, simple and profound. 3. It fits you. The organization is by. 4. The note finder includes the text inside the notes, which is a big point in your favor. 5. Bear continues to develop. Each month adds new and more interesting functions goes through the love that is perceived in the application program. I must tell you that they have a paid subscription of $ 15 dollars a year but the investment rewards you in what you get. 100% r recommended...

DO NOT DOWNLOAD - Buggy app ate my notes before finals

I had several notes inside Bear, but when I opened it one day the screen was completely blank - showing just the white background with the illustration. None of the notes would load. I sent an email to customer support explaining this, with a screenshot attached and the email I got back did not address the issue at all. It simply asked me to use a backup. I had a backup but could not open those files because the app itself was not cooperating. Tried to delete the app to reinstall it but now I can’t even install it back. Notes are still gone. Would not download again.

The Notes App I Always Wanted

There isn’t much to say other than I have bounced around Notes apps for the last decade. Many try to be either super simple, or super powerful. I find that a notes app is either way too basic for me to store notes, or they offer millions of features that I really don’t need/want and leave the actual note-writing experience behind (cough**ever**cough**note). Finally a year and a half ago I met Bear. This app is the notes app I always wanted. It sucessfully bridges the gap between simplicity and power. I love that everything is just in chronological order, all the notes are in one place… but then with tagging you can put notes into folders, and better yet… multiple folders (tags sort of work like smart folders). This allows you to sort through notes like stacks of paper on your desk, the most recent one at the top, and oldest at the bottom. I like to sort through notes like this, especially if you just want to jot something down that continues a thought from earlier today. But there are times I want to be a bit more organized. For example all my notes for future blog posts together, even if they are written years apart. Bear makes it easy to process notes both ways. And you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can use both methods interchangeably. This is the best of both worlds. Plus they have full-text search which works faster than evernote ever did. So for once I am confident I will never lose a note again. Let’s talk about the writing experience. I love how beautiful it is to write in Bear. It uses a modified Markdown (although you can revert it to traditional markdown), to make it easy to format everything. In addition standard shortcuts work like you expect (Ctrl+B to bold, Ctrl+i to italics, etc). The fonts and themes are beautiful. Its just a great experience. I have gotten used to the modified markdown now and don’t really think about it. Its pretty easy to learn and the shortcuts or formatting buttons (hidden on the left) helped ease the transition. The only one that throws me off still is usng a hyphen when i want to make a bulleted list. In Bear this makes a checkbox, not a bullet. To make a bullet you use the asterix. Its not a huge deal, but its the one format that throws me off still, then i see the checkbox and remember to make the asterisk. Overall i love the writing. Its beautiful and easy. Pro-tip. When i start to get into the zone I press Control+1 which will hide all the sidebars and just go into zen mode (not sure thats the term they use in marketing, but thats what it is). Bottom line: Bear gives me the flexibility to work with notes on my terms with only the features necessary for a notes app. I enjoy writing notes in there, and find it easy and pleasure to read my notes back. I never have trouble finding my notes thanks to how it is built and organized and using tags or search to find things. I write everything in Bear and love it. Just get the pro version. Thier pro version is so reasonable and allows you to use the app across iPad, iPhone, and Mac which is what you want in a notes app. It gives you themes too, although I still prefer the default one. But just the ability to sync is worth the reasonable price they ask for it each year. Just get it. My Recommendations for improvement: Truthfully, the app is great. if they do not add another feature ever again, it will still be my go-to app. However, there are some ideas for future things that would be nice to have if they can incorporate them without turning this into a bloated mess. 1) Archive notes -Sometimes i don’t want to delete it, i want to archive it because I have detachment issues… UPDATE: this was added recently. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 2) Customize icons for your tags - Nice to have, i like that a few tag names trigger unique icons. UPDATE: This has been added now! Yay! Thank you 3) Publish to wordpress - This may never come to pass. But it would be cool. As of right now I export to .docx and then copy and paste into wordpress, because wordpress supporst word doc pasting out of the box now 4) Add native support for Grammerly - I use grammerly for long writing that I do in bear. It would be cool to toggle this on and off because it would be annoying all of the time, but it would be great for longer more formal notes. 5) Maybe a web version - This would mainly be for the few times i am wanting to access notes from my PC or from someone else’s computer. It would be cool to have. I feel bad even asking for this stuff. Now that we have the archive feature, I don’t really feel like there is anything else I can ask for that is truly missing. These other things are just cool features to see, but thats it. THey might be too focused in on my workflow to justify incorporating them, which is why I give bear 5 stars with or without them. The archive feature was the one part that felt like it was missing from bear before, and now its here. So now its perfect!

iCloud requirement is a bummer

It’s an almost perfect application, but requiring iCloud and iCloud Drive for cross-device syncing is a huge bummer.

Perfect for me

Needs vary on why one needs a note taking app, and how it is used. For me, Bear is perfect. I use it to keep notes on writing projects. I appreciate the instant and reliable syncing across all three of my devices (MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad). The markdown is fast and efficient and doesn’t get my way of getting ideas down. And it looks gorgeous.

Buggy and Unreliable

I purchased a Bear Pro subscription after trying the app for free and reading the positive reviews of the more advanced features. The app worked as expected for a brief period of time, but stopped syncing between my Mac and iPhone a few weeks ago. I emailed tech support, which directed me to a self-help FAQ and asked me to attach device logs. I did, and their team was fairly quick to respond with the prognosis that I had "accidentally removed the files from the iCloud Drive which are required to sync the notes between the devices.” Now this seemed strange considering that I had not removed any files from my iCloud, but I followed direction nonetheless. The result: The app began synching again, but deleted all of my notes. Everything. Gone. This was frustrating, but luckily I had saved the most important information to my iPhone’s Notes app (which, simple as is it is, has never failed me…), so I decided to grin and Bear it for another test run. That was, however, until this morning when the app once again stopped synching between my devices. Bear, while decently-designed, is too unreliable for me to trust. Deleting the app and cancelling my Pro subscription. Use caution and back up your work elsewhere if you value your notes, etc.

Need solution for ******formatting******

I'm a Bear Pro subscriber and generally like the app. Sadly, not being able to copy&paste anything from Bear without buggy formatting is becoming a show-stopper. 1) Bolding and unbolding in Bear keeps adding ****************** 2) Pasting notes into browser/email/text editor results in garbage formatting. I know some of these quirks are markdown’s, but Bear has resolved it elegantly for Headings. I have switch back to Evernote if some sort of solution for this doesn't appear soon. On the ShinyFrog forum, a dev said he was looking into resolving this 3 years ago :’(

Almost Perfect Looking Forward to More!

I have been looking for a great note taking app for ages and have tried many options including. None of them quite worked how I wanted with the right combination of robust features and clean minimalist design to avoid unnecessary distractions. Bear gets the balance just perfect. Using tags for organization is a brilliant method, and I love being able to store files in notes so everything is in one place. Markup for text formatting lets me keep my hands on the keyboard and away from the mouse. Finally Bear does beautiful and reliable exports to MS word and PDF (among others) letting remove the extra step of final editing in those apps.

Nice notes app. Missing basic automation.

I like using Bear, but it it missing even a rudimentary AppleScript dictionary, so it's not an acceptable part of my permanent toolkit. Even Evernote has an AppleScript dictionary. Here's a sample workflow that's impossible to script with Bear because it's impossible to script with Bear at all: - Create a new project in Things or OmniFocus - Press a keyboard shortcut to create a new note in Bear that links back to that project - Create a link in that project to the new Bear note. - Return the todo app to the foreground. You could write a similar script to embed links to emails, files, the page you're browsing in Safari, etc. The Bear team may get around to implementing that via a Service or some other feature, but a decent scripting dictionary would make it possible for anyone who wanted to do it themselves right now. Why would you want that? Because Bear's an outstanding note-taking tool, but it's not great for managing a list of things to do. Scripting makes it possible to link excellent single-purpose apps together with simple automation that allows each app to excel at what it does. The worst part of most newcomer Mac apps has been the poor or nonexistent scripting support. Bear is continuing in that tradition.

Perfect note taking app

This is everthing I liked about OneNote but without the clutter and with superior organization. In OneNote I often had multiple notebooks and multiple pages where an idea would fit. Instead of struggling with that question, I can just tag the note and then find it via multiple ‘views’. The thing that pushed me to finally write a review was when I realized I wish I had nested a tag under a higher-level concept. I thought I would have to go and manually edit the tags on each page. Instead, I was able to ‘rename’ the tag, add a prefix and all the places that tag was used were changed to #parent tag/old tag. Then the new category immediately moved to the appropriate place. Awesome!

Drag a tag?

I like everything about Bear, which has completely assigned the increasingly clunky Evernote to unused status. I use Bear mainly as a catch-all for notes, thoughts and screengrabs, where it works especially well as a simple image converter: paste the screengrab into a Bear note, click ``Save As’’ and rename it with a jpg extension. Done. One feature that would make it just about perfect for my purposes would be to make tags available from a right-click on the note file itself or to be able to drag from the list of tags in the left panel. I am that lazy.

Is it too much to ask for an update?

Do they ever update this app? It’s really great to use, and has allot of great featues. I’m not asking for additional features, but it would be nice to clean out some of the bugs in the current version.

Finally a Good App for Notes

Bear has done the trick. I have tried many apps looking for a simple program with useful options that don’t distract from note taking. Font, font size, line height, line width, paragraph spacing, exporting and the notes are synced on all my devices. Bear makes taking notes fun and simple.

It’s great!

It’s the best note taking app I have ever used. I never liked the look of Evernote and when I discovered Bear I felt so happy! Everyone should at least give it a try

Needs ability to hide markdown characters

I’ve been a Pro user for the past 11 months. Overall, I’ve been very happy with Bear, but I’ve grown weary of having to view markdown characters in my notes. It is distracting and I should be able to toggle thier visibility. I’ve used another markdown app that does a beautiful job of hiding the markdown characters and the difference is night and day. Unfortunatly, that app doesn’t support iOS, so it is too limitied for my purposes. I probably won’t renew my pro subscription until the developers figure out a way to hide the markdown from view in reading mode (I don’t mind seeing it in edit mode).

I do not say this lightly.

This is one of the greatest applications I have ever used. As a developer, I love the speed, simplicity, and elegance of markdown. Everything that I write - documentation, blog posts, code reviews - is in markdown. The rich text rendering of markdown syntax is, quite frankly, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Thank you so much for creating, developing, and supporting this application!

Good, but I dont’ want to pay forever

I like Bear. It feels modern and handles formatting much better that Apple’s Notes app, which is my top requirement. But it fails to meet my second requirement—a non-subscription payment model. Let me buy Bear once, no strings attached, and I’ll gladly pay more andreturn to upgrade when there are worthy improvements. But don’t force me to pay forever just to use your software. Since iCloud is built in to my computer and devices, I should be able to sync for free after buying the software…without paying $15/year forever. Next I’ll have to pay someone an annual fee just to sit on the furniture I buy, or the clothing I wear. Companies are bleeding us dry with all these required subscriptions that bring little future value.

No android version

I am giving only 2 stars because you only provide ios version. no android version, very frustrating I’m gonna have to uninstall it since I won’t be able to use on my android device. but to be fair the app is great. that is my major issue.

Great but Missing a Key Element

This app is a really fantastic note-taking app and has certainly replaced Notes for me. They just "get it" when it comes to design as well as UX of making things easy to write out quickly. However there is one huge caveat that I just cannot stand and that's the fact that this app doesn't sync with an Apple ID. Instead it syncs in a strange fashion via iCloud so in order for me to use Bear on my work laptop as well as my home laptop, iPhone and iPad I have to logout of iCloud on my work machine and work iCloud account, login into the account that I purchased Bear with, sync, logout and then log back into my work account to continue. This is just absurd and I'm not sure why this method was chosen when so many other apps have figured out syncing amongst machines via the Apple ID. I really wish this would get fixed because if a competitor comes along just as good I'd be inclined to switch and no longer re-up my pro account for this pain alone. ps - Any chance we can get that sweet Material Theme that developers love so much (or a make-your-own)?

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