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Awesome App

I was using Ulysses until now, but the developers got so greedy that I had to look for alternative, and Bear is fantastic choice! I’m glad I found it. I’m constantly using Markdown for my blogs and forums, and Bear app is way better than Ulysses for my needs. The only feature I was missing from Ulysses was the folders, but with Bear there’s super easy sollution - using tags. Just write #yourtag and popes up on the side menu. You can even nest tags by going #yourtag/anothertag and so on, then you get all notes exactly where you want them to be, and easy to find. And with the amount of $ I paid over time for apps, this app definitely fits in the category “Must support the developer”, $14.99 per year is so much better than paying $9.99 for Ulysses once, and then being asked to pay another $5 monthly. But as I noticed, subscribtion is optional, still cute with the default theme. Super super useful app for my needs, or even as a note app. Thanks Bear team, keep up the good work!

Great App. Why so many 1stars?

I love this app from the moment I started using it. I can’t understand why it has received so many 1 stars. Anyways I have moved from Voodoopad and EverNote and am loving it. Bear + Quiver solves all my note keeping needs. Also I don’t mind the paying for the full version, it’s worth every penny.

Lack of Typewriter mode

Overall this is a very well designed app. I liked the design so well that I immediately signed up for the one year subscription, but after using it for a few days I cancelled my subscription. There is one missing feature that is crucial for those of us that write a lot. There is no Typewriter mode. As a result I am forced to write at the bottom of the page and screen. This is very annoying and irritating. I’m surprised the designers didn’t include a Typewriter mode. All the other major writing apps include Typewrite mode. I contacted the developer and was informed that they will “consider” it in the future. That’s doesn’t give me much confidence. I’ll keep the free version in case they decide to update this app. But currently I do not see this app as useable. Update: I’m realizing that this app is really for note taking. It’s an alternative to Evernote. I don’t think the developers intend that this be a dedicated writing app. I’ve been comparing Bear to Ulysses and iA Writer, but Bear serves a different purpose than the dedicated writing apps like Ulysses.

Bear is friendly, useful, BUT requires a subscription (for useful work)

I like writing in Bear because it’s tools and capability hang out in the background; always there, but unobtrusive. It reliably syncs using iCloud, but I’d prefer an alternate service (especially given a subscription) — Apple once locked me out of iCloud for nearly a month and I don’t want to be exposed to a repeat of that. I think most Apple customers may someday regret the extent to which they rely on Apple’s web and cloud storage; it’s never been a strong point for them. If they would enable purchase of the pro app instead of renting it AND divest from iCloud (or offer an alternative like 1Password does), this would receive 5 stars from me. Bear just works; give it a try

Hands down...

If you are a purist for taking notes and need a minimal visual experience to create…Bear is it. Hands down. One stars must be disgruntled Evernote users…no other reason.

Great app with glaring omission

I use Bear now instead of evernote and I love it. However, they haven’t yet implemented the ability to create notebooks for sorting your notes. It’s a feature that even apple’s own notes app includes, and it would make Bear an even better competitor with those two apps. Crossing my fingers it gets added soon.

Absolutely love it

Migrated everything from Evernote to Bear, consisting of over 4,000+ notes and am glad I did. - I enjoy typing inside the application; it is a joy to use - Stability has been wonderful, with no problems associated with crashing or losing my data - Interface is fresh, not clunky; the themes are beyond wonderful, seriously - $15.00 is a pittance; I want to show them support and will gladly renew my subscription when it’s time if they keep up the great work - Syncing has not been problematic between devices, even with all the data I have stored in my notes - Updates have been regular, solid, and improve on the app’s usability and feature-set Really great job!

(Switched from Evernote) Finally, a clean and beautiful note app!

Guys, this is so simple, it just works great, it is really fast and clean! you brain will be happy. I came from Evernote and switched to Bear, if you are looking for an app on iDevices just for clean and beautiful notes without being overwhelmed by many features you will never use, this is the right app, and the price is so good! it really worths it! As a Pro user the only one feature I would love to have someday is to be able to add audio on the notes, but the rest it’s beautiful!

Fantastic alternative to Apple Notes and Evernote

The negative reviews that people are leaving here are ridiculous. This is a free app that charges $15/year if you want to sync. If the fact that you are supporting developers to enable syncing upsets you, then use a different program. This app handles markdown as well as any app I’ve used, all while offering inline images, clean formatting, and great export options. The tagging is super useful, and helps organize notes. It looks better than Apple Notes and avoids clutter of Evernote. The devs are great about listening to users, and they’re active on the Bear app’s subreddit.

Clever, Clear, Excellent

In addition to being an excellent writing environment with beautiful presentation, the tagging system makes it easy to create hierarchies of notes. Recommended.

Bear is an Astounding App

Thee’s no other Mac (or iPhone) app that has made as much of a difference to my productivity and improving my personal lack of organization skills than Bear. I love its hashtag-based organization/filing system. Instead of catgories or folders, hashtags are Bear’s main structure-making system. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, but it’s brilliant! Plus, Bear is beautiful, simple, understated, and comletely efficient.

Simply Beautiful

I use Bear regularly for drafting emails, Slack or even social media post for my blog. It’s elegant as it is sound. Even after a clean iOS install, upon downloading and launching the app, all of my notes magically appeared as they should have. Love this app and really think this company obsesses about the details, as well as ensure that the product features make an impact on me as a user, without overcomplicating the product experience. Happy to keep subscribing.

A person who thinks to subscribe which is in-app purchase.

I personally recommend this app for your any note-taking activities. This is awesome. Mostly, it is very beautiful. Also, I found that it provides file converting function that you can convert it to pdf or html like that. It is AWESOME feature. However, I disappointed a lot after purchasing it. I paid every month for using that feature. Theme wasn’t my purpose. After converting it to pdf or html, it broke a lot. If you combine some text features in your notes, then it converted not aligned a lot. Sometimes, it overwraps each characters. I paid for almost 6 months, and waited for updating those bugs. However, it dind’t fixed at all, so I decided to unsubscribe this service. So, anybody who needs converting features, I would recommend you not purchase this product. Other than that, it is good app for your manaing note-taking. Some point, I think it is way better than Evernote.

I don’t understand the negative reviews

This app does exactly what I always wanted a note taking app to do. And a lot more! People are complaining about not having this feature or that feature or having to pay for Pro to use this or that and its absurd. The reason people like this is that it isn’t a huge, bloated mess for “power users”. If you prefer something like Evernote, go use Evernote, not Bear. Bear is for minimalists who actually have a brain and don’t need an app to think for them, plus the pro subscription which I gladly pay for is $15 per YEAR. Per Y E A R. I am so happy that Bear exists and is on iOS and MacOS. If I type something on my phone it shows up on the mac about 2 seconds later so I’m not sure what “syncing problems” people are complaining about. Anyway, if you are tired of clunky software that tries to be so organized that you spend more time figuring out where and how to put things down, get Bear and live your life in note taking peace.

Bear is perfect.

Version 1.3.1 I keep my vision about Bear, his team does a great job of developing a perfect application to the macOS and iOS system. You are upgrading compatibility with High Sierra macros and some bug fixes. However, what is more important still remains: it is an application that redesigns the way you write and at the same time offers an abysmal quality. Two important things: * The Premium version is required for 14.99 per year to get the most out of it. * I'm sure the future of Bear will continue to rise and add new features that further enhance the real experience. Below you can read my previous reviews. 👇🏻 Version 1.2.4 Since I use There is something that I love: after a important update always comes a new update to polish any errors that inform users and that they detect. Just great. Good job. Below I leave my reviews in the length of each update. Greetings. ************ Version 1.2.2 It is already known from my previous review that Bear is one of those applications that falls in love with the care and care with which they are developed. On this occasion I want to comment on the new update. 1. It is really useful to be able to highlight the text at any point in your note. 2. In the Mac version you can already get several windows. An example: you need to do something in two different notes, now it is possible. 3. It's even easier to remove a label from any note. Simple and perfect. 4. I love the option to put @Today or @Yesterday and get a specific result of those notes that have been created or edited today or yesterday. Great. 5. Compare via Airdrop, easy and work. Very good. Every month the watch team arrives with details that make their application more robust, perfect and always conserving the essence. Its essence is to have in the same Pack simplicity and depth. It depends on each one up to where you arrive with the functions and options of Bear. As always: remember that this application requires a subscription for $ 14.99 per year and I assure you that it is worth it. ********** Version 1.2.1 I insist. The perfection of Bear resides in the practice that is, fluid, useful and perfect. Previous review ... Bear is perfect. Taking the time to write a review of Bear is something important and necessary. Here are 5 reasons to give it a try. 1. Works fluidly on both MacOS and iOS. It looks like a native application. 2. It is intuitive, simple and profound. 3. It fits you. The organization is by. 4. The note finder includes the text inside the notes, which is a big point in your favor. 5. Bear continues to develop. Each month adds new and more interesting functions goes through the love that is perceived in the application program. I must tell you that they have a paid subscription of $ 15 dollars a year but the investment rewards you in what you get. 100% r recommended...

Awesome App and Great Evernote Replacement!

I switched from Evernote and am not looking back! There are three main reasons why I love this app: 1) You own your data, meaning it is not stored in some propriety format. Along with this, you can export your data and backup your data very easily . 2) App is iOS and macOS only. The advantage here is the development team can focus on one platform instead of trying to fit their app into each platform. 3) The app is easy to use and very intuitive. Instead of focusing on creating folders or creating tags, Bear takes care of that for you by creating the tag structure dynamically based on the content of the notes. I hope this app is around for a long time and the developers take notice of why users are leaving Evernote to come to Bear: focus on the core features and avoid bloat. With the latest updates, the development team does a great job of balancing features while avoiding bloat.

I love this app

I have used notetaking apps for years. I have been a regular Evernote user for a long time. I have also spent serious time using OneNote, Apple Notes, and a couple of others. But I switched to Bear full time now. The reasons I like it: —It’s fast and simple to use. This is the most important point for me. I can jot down quick notes and I don’t have to wait for syncing, etc. —It’s extremely stable. —The price is fair for the premium version (about $15/year) —Great syncing with my iPhone and iPad apps —The web clipper works fine. It isn’t as comprehensive as Evernote’s web clipper, but it works good enough for my needs. —I don’t use markdown at all, but I still like Bear’s UI and style. —It doesn’t have extra stuff that I don’t want or need. —Searching is immediate and accurate. —I switched from using notebooks/folders in Evernote and Apple Notes to using tags in Bear. I’ve never been a tag user, but I find it works great. I only tag a few main categories and then include keywords to make searches easy. After using Bear for a couple of months, I tried Apple’s Notes app on iOS 11, thinking it would work better for me. But after 3 days of that, I was back to Bear and find it is simply the best for me.

Latest Update broken on 10.10

V1.3 breaks compatiblity with Yosemite. Main window is unresponsive, information is unaccesible. Do not upgrade if you’re still on Yosemite (for compatibility reasons).

Great Resource for Taking Notes in School

Absolutely love this app. So easy to write things in and easy to stay focused.

Not bad

I tend to use OneNote for notes for class and work. I love OneNote and definitely wont stop using it for note taking. But Bear to me is more of a personal journal. It’s clean, it’s simple, easy on the eyes. I’d rate it 5 stars but there isn’t cloud sync without subscription.

Great note taking app

Beatifully made. It would be better if it supports table syntax.

Please fix High Sierra bug

I’m a huge fan of this app, but as other reviews have mentioned, there is a High Sierra bug where the theme is stuck on the “Panic” theme.

Bear Continues to Grow On Me

After three months of intensive use, Bear continues to impress. Lets me write fast and naturally. Formatting tools let me add the visual contrast I need. (They’ve just added a very useful highlight marker format.) Heading levels, bullets, and bold/italics are applied with ease. At at a 2 1/2 day conference, I took about 50 pages of notes, including photos, links, and screen captures from time to time. In less than a week, I’d invested in Bear Pro. At minimal cost, its synchronizing across all my devices. I use it on iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Sync has always been fast and reliable. What I appreciate more and more are the versatile export options. PDF format works especially well. Bear makes good choices interpreting my writing into a useful form in its exports. Tagging features make previous notes/articles easy to find. Search works well too. And since it displays on all my devices, Bear has replaced the two binders I used to carry around for notes on everything professional and personal. —————————— Update after over 5 months of use, Bear continues to grow on me. It’s become a go-to app in my toolkit. Formatting is so fluid and easy. Links and images go right in as I take notes or think. Export to Word and PDF makes sharing with others quite easy. The additional feature I want—everyone has at least one—is collapsible outline headings. But these developers keep improving the base design. I’m happy to send them an annual subscription fee; the better that they can add more cool things to Bear in the months and years to come. —————————— Update after 6 months: I don’t understand the current ratings on this excellent app. Looks like people who don’t like having to pay for software are giving it a knee-jerk “1”.

Poor user info

Bear is difficult to understand and not at all intuitive. Plus the user information notes are grayed out and very difficult to read.

At least I can still change the icon

Love this app and would normally recommend it to anyone listening… but for now only on iPad. Currently note is stuck on a single theme, so despite the lists and icon being updated, the note just stays the same Panic Theme. Won’t be renewing my Pro Subscription another year after this.

Doesn’t work with High Sierra.

Bear Doesn’t work with High Sierra. Bear only has the dark theme on High Sierra.

Best note taking/organization application i’ve ever used.

I began using this application as a freshman in college, being a student in general it helps to have a great way to take and organize notes. That said, being a computer science major and having an application that is friendly with coding is even better! I absolutely enjoy all of the features offered in this app. I would highly recommend to ANYONE who likes to be organized and who needs a clear and great way to take notes. Beautiful design overall, awesome functionality. (so good i felt the need to write a review)

It’s so good!

I cannot say enough about this app. 1, its so simple and clean and elegant and did i say simple? I’m a college student and I appreciate how you can sort out your notes by class by using the hashtags. Also, I love the search option. It is a lifesaver at times when looking for notes. and it’s fast!!! No lag time to open or to scroll or to begin type. *sigh*. To top it all off, the pricing is totally worth it. Just spare the $15 and you won’t regret it. Thanks to the Bear team, the updates are awesome! keep them coming!

This Bear is solid and beautiful; if only it could learn one more trick

I’ve been testing Bear as a substitute for Evernote for a couple of weeks. So far, I love the app. The design is beautiful: it’s like writing in your favorite notebook. It’s easy to format your text just the way you want it. This is not just an aesthetic issue. I’m an academic and often end up taking lengthy notes on an entire book. Bear makes it easy to format my long notes so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by a dense barrage of words. In addition, the search function is powerful. Combine with the integration of tags, it’s very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Importing notes from Evernote was also a breeze. The only thing I’m missing so far is the ability to organize my notes into folders or notebooks. Evernote and Apple Notes make it easy to keep your personal and your work stuff separate. By only using tags, Bear makes that more difficult. Even if you can use tags as a substitute for notebooks/folders, I miss the sort of organizational tree that they provide, enabling me to focus on just what I need at the moment. So, Bear, what do you say? How about learning one more trick for your next upgrade?

Amazing App!

UPDATE: Love the Bear App! I had one issue and it turns out it was caused by having a different setting set on my iphone vs mac app. The style and setup of this app is incredible. Very fast search and syncing, tons of style options, and a ton of theme options. I highly recommend. Their support is a tad slow, but I understand they are a small team trying to crank out new features for us. NOTE: If you are experiencing anything funky with ToDo lists make sure to have “Markdown compatibility mode” set to the same thing on all of your apps.

Backup notes function crashes

title says it all. please fix this. thanks!:)

Beautiful Alternative to Evernote

When Evernote changed their payment model a few months ago, I went looking for alternatives. I was already familiar with markdown from using Ulysses (which has also changed its payment model :-/ ) so Bear was immediately attractive. But what really sold me on it was its outlining capabilities. I do a lot of my thinking in ordered-list style outlines. Evernote supports this, too, but Bear has some features that make it more attractive. First, it’s more reliable. Whereas Evernote's outlines tend to get messed up when you edit them too much, Bear’s are solid. Second, you can easily move sections up and down the outline; Evernote makes you cut and paste. The other thing I like about Bear is that you can customize its appearance. Fonts and colors are all customizable. It also looks a lot cleaner. By not trying to be all things, like Evernote, it does what it does very simply and beautifully. Syncing is excellent across all platforms, and markdown support makes it really easy to cut and paste to other text editors, lke the aforementioned Ulysses. Support, so far, also seems to be excellent. I put in a bug report and got a quick reply from the developers. So, five stars for Bear. Now, if we can only do something for the real polar bears on those melting ice caps...

Great app with one minor flaw

This app facilitates writing, note taking and retrieval, in a good looking, easy to use form. I’ve switched from Evernote to Bear, I find Bear easier to use, and Bear Pro which provides sharing notes with iMac, iPhone, and iPad is about half the cost of shared Evernote. One flaw in the App that I have called to the developers attention is that printing cuts off the top half of the note.

Excellent draft writing environment with graphics

Great for organizing sections of technical manuscripts. Embedded graphics export without loss to docx format. I like the way the markdown (polar bear) markup is handled; you can use Markdown to markup your text, but you can also use keyboard shortcuts conventionally, so you don't have to think markdown if you don't want to. It really gets out of your way. And really beautifully designed and executed.

Best update ever

It’s like you’re getting a present that you always wanted but never asked for. There are a lots of apps that has much more functionalities of which I only use a fraction. I found myself harder to justify to pay for the app, let alone subscribe them. With Bear, I use almost all functionalities. I know it’s never easy to make an app like this. It’s one of only handful apps that I am glad I subscribe to. Please stay hungry, Bear.

Best Notes Replacement Ever! 👍🏻👍🏻

With every update, Bear just keeps getting better and better! I love how they can implement all these awesome features without cluttering the interface. Keep up the great work guys, I’m rooting for you!

Fantastic note-taking experience

I use this everyday at work and home after switching from Evernote in hopes a more streamlined, enjoyable note-taking experience. Has been a joy for several months now.

Apple apple apple apple

I really wanted to like this app - it’s certainly beautiful, and looks like a good candidate for a OneNote replacement which is my current need. BUT, you need an Apple computer (ok, I have one of those), and Apple phone (nope), and the Apple sync service (nope) for this to work. It’s not possible to use this, or the notes you create, without being 100% in the Apple ecosystem. You can’t use the note files with other tools - because there ARE no files. That makes it yet another walled-garden. Since the underlying format looks to be, pretty much, Markdown - it would be really nice to simply have this use the filesystem to store its notes, but the developers chose the 100% proprietary route.

Good App

It’s a good app. Much better looking that Ulysses Writing App, and more pleasant to use. Importing into the app however, is a BEAR (get it?). You can’t import into a specific tag, can’t drag and drop to import. So if you have hundreds of notes youre trying to import you’ll have to do it tediously. A real BEAR (get it?). I also think they need to add the option of creating a tag before you have a note that actually has one. That way you can create new notes directly into that new tag.

Love it for a to-do list

I use Bear for quick notes and a to-do list. I was looking for something that is more customizeable than apple notes but not as heavy as evernote. Bear worked. Syncs well with iPhone and I love the choice of themes (albeit they require a subscription).

Clean writing space

I’m enjoying the UI design with this app. It feels like a Slack/Worfklowy mash-up and works well to capture my ideas. Hashtags make it easy to find related notes. I do wish the styles were on the top right, instead of the bottom right. It’s just not a natural mouse movement on the desktop app.

Question: How is this better than Notes or Evernote?

Given the 4+ rating and the many unhelpful reviews, I’d like to know if anyone has constructive praise of what this would do above and beyond Notes and Evernote. Thanks for your time in advance.

Highly recommend

I don’t often write reviews, and usually don’t give something 5/5, but if an app like this fits in your workflow, seriously give this one a shot. Read the documentation already present as notes when you first open the app. Test out tagging things and nested tagging things (folders within your tags). Read the FAQ. Try throwing a feature request to them in the off chance this beautiful, well-designed app is missing something that would help you out; they respond, and quickly! Believe it or not, it didn’t cross my radar they won a 2017 Apple Design award, but of course they did! They are firing on all cylinders, and this app and its counterpart on iOS along with their affordable monthly subscription (the wave of the future)—literally overnight—replaced a large portion of my daily productivity scheme using Drafts 4 and TextEdit. It’s *that* good, clean and functional!

One thing (for me) keeps it from being perfect

And, it happens to be a BIG thing. I assumed that Bear would match Evernote across the board when it comes to what I consider to be basic, necessary functionality. So, I didn’t even bother to check to see how Bear handled PDF files. Evernote acts like my external brain. I use it to scan business cards, receipts, and anything else that’s a “hard copy” — so I can search and find them—as well as what’s in them—later. Evernote’s Premium level allows me to include searchable PDF files. I’ll assume responsiblity for taking it for granted that an app winning Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award — and repeatedly billed as superior to Evernote — would include this service, too. So I purchased the Bear Pro version. Not only does Bear *not* offer this function, but there isn't even a way to view PDFs inline using their desktop or mobile apps. I’m reduced to seeing nothing but a list of titles and corresponding icons. On the desktop version, the icon opens up the scanned image in Preview. Even several days later, tapping on the icon on the mobile app version does nothing. I was hoping it was just a matter of waiting for everything to sync. My objective was to replace Evernote with Bear. But I also use Evernote to scan all of my bills and receipts. At the end of the year, it’s a simple matter of using the search function to scan everything for keywords and prepare for tax return filing. No matter what format—web clipping, PDF, original note—I can use Evernote's search function to find things. Unfortunately, it appears that Bear doesn’t include searchable PDFs. I’ll have to stick with Evernote for now, and hope that Bear offers this functionality some time in the future. I think Bear’s approach to filing using hashtags is superior. From what I’m able to tell, it even does a better job at searching than Evernote. It’s intuitive, and aesthetically superior to Evernote. It’s far less expensive than Evernote—but maybe that’s why I can include, view, and search PDFs in Evernote, and it’s not possible with Bear. I toyed with the idea of using Bear for everything but PDFs, but that means using TWO applications, and paying for both. Hopefully, Bear is in the process of matching this Evernote functionality. I’d gladly even pay more for it. In the meantime, I’ll just admire Bear from afar, wishing I could use it.

My Favorite Notes/Thoughts App to Date

This is such an incredibly powerful yet simple and elegant tool. The only thing I would like to see on here is the ability to password protect notes and/or folders from those who aren’t intended to see them. Thanks for all your hard work on this app!

Prose = clutter?

How is markdown necessary, or even preferred for anything close to prose or creative writing? Even techincal writing. How does anyone get anything done with markdown? How is it “elegant” or “beautiful”? I look at the example screenshots and they’re an absolute cluttered mess. It’s like they were deliberately crafted to be hard to read. Seriously: Why show asterisks AND bold text? In what world is that an advantage? This markdown trend is step backward in written communication. Question: Which of these sentences is easier to read? # *Question:* /Which of _these_ sentences is easier to read?/ (Credit where it’s due: The app is free.)


This app is beautiful! I have been really happy with the stability of this app, and how quick it loads on iOS and MacOS! Only thing is, I REALLY wish there was a windows or webOS version, so that I could use it on my work windows machine. I bring my laptop to work just so I can use this app to keep track of what I am doing, and for writing all my documents.

I really like it.

I might even begin loving it after a few more days. The sync has been working very fast, almost immediately, for me between the iMac and the iPhone. It is what it is and it’s perfect for what it does. It’s one of those apps that you buy and immediately you’re wondering how long the company will be around because you can see making the app a part of your everyday life. I cancelled my subscriptions because I goofed and accidentally signed up for Pro on both the computer and the phone. I’ll let them expire and then subscribe again. I guess what I like the most is just the look of it. Is it the bear? I don’t know. I like simplicity wherever I can find it and there’s lots here. Check out the blog.

Great Notability/Evernote/OneNote competitor

I am thrilled for finding this app. It simplily blew my mind with the easy tag systems (needsless to say that I love) and the new update also has drawing support. It takes your mind out of foolishness like font color and the interactive formatting system is awesome. The new MacBook pro users will love the touch bar support. You also own your data, making it easy to export.

Monthly fee just to use a dark theme?!

Bear as a note taking program looks like it does the job. The SOLE reason I downloaded this and considered using it over Evernote was that there were dark theme options built in and there are none in Evernote. There are ZERO dark themes available without a premium account. And what’s worse, you have to pay a monthly/yearly fee just to access them, you can’t just buy the dark theme and have a basic account. That’s terrible. I don’t want a premium account. I just want a dark note taking app with basic features. I’m happy to pay a one time fee to use a dark theme, but a monthly fee on a premium account just to use a dark theme is ridiculous. Bear needs to make AT LEAST one dark theme available without a premium account - for those of us that just want basic features, but on a dark note pad. Unfortunately, I’m deleting this app. I wanted it to be better than Evernote, but without access to a single dark theme on a basic account, I don’t see any benefit to switching. If you already pay for Evernote Premium and want a dark themed note taking app, this could work for you. But, basic vs basic, I see no advantage. Hopefully, Bear notices this and makes the minor change necessary to make this a viable option for people in my situation.

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